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Downhole Rentals (RT Marketplace)


Ad posted: June 16, 2023, by:

Trilogy Oilfield

Rental Tools

- Well Control Equipment:  BOPs, Annular, Accumulators, Orbit Valves, Gate Valves

- Casing jacks

- Pipe handling equipment and tools

- Catwalks, collars, pack-offs, scrapers, safety trailers, swab equipment, tubing bailer, jetting nozzles, slip type elevators and all of rig rentals

Fishing Tools

- Washover pipe and mills, overshots, taper taps, dye collars, casing repairs, jars, bumper subs, intensifiers, drill collars etc.

Drilling Tools

- Power swivels, bits and mills

- Thru tubing tools

Completion Tools

- Bridge plugs, WR plugs, cement retainers, inflatable packers, retrievable packer, permanent packers

- NTT, swivels, profiles, drains

- Clean out tools

Koil Tools

- Dimples, motor heads, mills and bits

- Cleanout packages including rotating jet nozzles, venturi tools, agitators, indexing or head, tools, knuckle joints, junk subs and fishing tools

- Internal tubing/casing cutters, motor head, bi directional jars, anchors and hydraulic cutters.

Contact us for all of your Oifield Equipment Rentals!



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